Available for speaking engagements as time permits. Please visit the contact page to ascertain availability and/or to obtain more information. Below is a listing of the most recent engagements.

Past Engagements

Feedback From Recent Engagements

“It was an honor to be in her presence … very inspiring. She gave me tips on writing that I never thought of before. The point that stood out the most to me was that if you write a bit every day, you will have a book in a year.”

“I enjoyed the speech and her accent kept me interested the entire lecture.”

“Exceptional and inspiring …she took her experience of what she went through and put it in her books.”

“She really caught my attention when she spoke about the logwood exported from British Honduras …showed connections between the colonies at the time … I may even read one of her books in the near future; overall, I got excellent tips from Ms. Rachel.”

“I liked best the part about not being afraid to offend anyone when you write.”

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